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Awesome College was birthed on the 4th of October 2003 from a GOD given vision to positively impact the lives of young children. Our mission is clearly stated in the following words: ′To set the pace for excellent education in Nigeria against the backdrop of Godly principles, with the AWESOME power of God, moulding the lives of children and equipping them for LIFE′

At Awesome College we strongly believe in the ancient landmark of Godly principles and rectitude, even within a morally decadent society and world at large.
While we keep abreast of modern day technology and happenings, our foremost ethos is to entrench in our children moral integrity and the confidence to run the race of LIFE in truth and in deed wherever they go.

Over the course of our 14 years of existence, we have many of our graduate children creating niches and making waves in many professions and fields of study both at home and abroad. Our old students have graduated from, and are currently in State, Federal and Private Universities and other Tertiary institutions in Nigeria and the diaspora. We, at Awesome College, run the English National curriculum and have classes from Year 7 – 11 for children between the ages of 10-16.

The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) final O′ Level examination is written in Year 11 and the results are accepted in ALL Universities and Tertiary institutions in Nigeria and also outside the country. Awesome College is truly the ideal place for your child to be. We take our responsibilities to GOD, to our children and our parents, very seriously, and we discharge them in the fear GOD and to our best ability, through the AWESOME power of GOD.

Our Vision

Our Vision
A modern Nigerian College, promoting discipline in students and nurturing God fearing children, worthy in character and learning


Mrs Tunde-Oni Olubukola

Olubukola Director

Mrs Bose Olushoto

School Administrator

Mr Emmanuel Ighahumhen