Admission Procedure

This is a summary of the procedures for our prospective students at Awesome College and should help guide you through this process.
Pick up an application form from the school or download from our website. Submit completed application form with the following documents:.

  • 2 recent passport photographs (not more than 6 months old)
  • Photocopy of candidate's birth certificate or international passport data page
  • The most recent academic report card from your child's current school

Entrance examinations and oral interview is conducted in March and May yearly. Walk-ins are also available. A provisional letter of admission is issued for collection by successful candidates. Admission package is collected after the non-refundable Acceptance deposit is paid.
Acceptance form,Medical form,Faith exposure form and Rules and regulations compliance form are to be filled and returned to the School Administrative office.

Payments are made to designated banks. Accounts department receives the bank slip/draft and issues a receipt. The receipt is very important so please keep it safe.

Criteria: To be eligible for admission into Year 7, candidates must be at least 10 years of age as at the year of admission.

Note: Students can also be admitted during the course of an academic year into Year 8 - 10

School Admission Timeline

Download Entrance Application Form